When we purchased our escape pod we asked that it did not have any decals on the sides. We wanted to personalise the pod with murals of our choice. I had an image in mind for one side but could not find an artist to render the image at a price I could afford. So what to do?
Well I have recently left work but was given four months of long service leave so I had a bit of time on my hands. This time was spent on the trips we have been taking in the pod and I started to learn to paint, self-taught. Oh, the steep learning curve, researching painting onto the fibre glass sheeting and YouTube for painting techniques. I can feel your cringing from here, I certainly did a lot self-reflection as well. I did not tell S what I was doing so it was a surprise to her when one day she came home to this;

Then this;

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is p1050644.jpg

Finally this;

I am pleased with how it came out.
The original image can be found here, The Great A’Tuin by Paul Kidby.
A favourite author, Terry Pratchett, created this fantasy world that the picture depicts and he based a large number of books with many of my favourite characters upon the magical disc. For those who are fans of this series you can understand why we chose this name for the pod, A’Tuin is a traveller with four elephants and a world with many stories on his back. The imaginative stories help inspire us to travel and find those places that fire our imagination.

Now, what to put on the other side of the pod???

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