Just had a weekend without camping, did do a short local bush walk and the choice of walk was influenced by another blogger who posted on the location recently, it made me think it is a good idea to start a regular monthly feature where I feature other great blogs I have stumbled across and share links to what is great content.

One of my favourite blogs is Mildly Extreme Survival stories of of a directionally-challenged, hiking hermit, this is a beautifully written, hiking blog with excellent photos. I literally stumbled across it after googling a particular location and was immediately taken by both the writing and photography. Jane’s last post was on a location, quite close to home for me, Ravensbourne national park, after reading Jane’s great post we decided that would be this weeks walk and we also would go looking for the elusive wompoo. It was a bit of a wet walk but still lovely, unfortunately we did not get to see a wompoo, I think I might have heard one though, so we will be back to walk Ravensbourne again soon, in the mean time check out Jane’s awesome blog.

I have been extremely interested to read how other bloggers and travellers have been addressing the issue of plastic and waste, which is how I stumbled across the delightful, World Wide Walkies a dog-centric caravan travelling blog. Jackie’s posts have inspired and informed, and I have enjoyed reading them, check out the post on zero wast caravanning.

And one last blog link for this month, it is an old favourite, that I first followed back when I just blogged about books at the Genteel Arsenal, this is a blog about two of my favourite things, books and travel so check it out, Travellin’ Penguin, check out the post on travel books; https://travellinpenguin.com/2019/07/07/simply-sunday/

3 thoughts on “Great blogs, some links to great content by other bloggers:

  1. Thank you kindly for those encouraging words about my blog, Sharon. I don’t blog much these days but you’ve motivated me to try to write more. I’m glad you had a lovely walk at Ravensbourne, albeit a wet one! I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the elusive Wompoo. It’s possible they will be back when the piccabeen palms are fruiting. Some days I don’t see many birds while on others, they seem to be everywhere! I’m going to enjoy having a look at your blog now. Best wishes! 🙂


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