We had one other brief stop on the Carnarvon highway, just before Injune, at the site of the old coal mine on the highway, it was a great place for an impromptu picnic.

Coal has a significant history in Queensland, it is a product we are still struggling to wean ourselves free from, but I will stay away from the politics of coal. I gather the mine originally supplied the rail industry and a small domestic market, with collapse in demand in those markets the mine was no longer viable. It is a nice stop for a quick picnic, an information board, a picnic table, a metal sculpture remembering the site’s use and a good place for a bit of a wander and to stretch legs, but no toilet facilities.

The board contains stories of the site and I particularly enjoyed reading about the personalities of the pit ponies, especially the bolshie Toby, who would refuse to pull anything beyond the proscribed load. Over the years I have known many a pony with what we would generously describe as “personality”, so the story of Toby and the mischievous Ben was no surprise, but made me smile. The site offers a nice presentation of local history.

Injune itself is just a short drive on, and it is the last available fuel, important to remember that there is no fuel at Carnarvon Gorge itself and this is your last chance to fill up.

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