There is much to be said for going where the WiFi is weak and where phones and TV are not an option, digital detox is always good for the soul, but back now, so I will start to catch up on posts.

I planned a few days off work so we could travel to Carnarvon Gorge. It is a bit of a trip from Toowoomba, roughly 640 ks, so we decided to break the trip at the free camp at Wallumbilla, just half an hour before Roma. The camp at the showgrounds, is on the highway and provides hot showers, toilets and power, there is a donation box so you can pay what you are comfortable with, given that the site is kept clean, and well maintained by the council, I figure paying anything from $2-$4 for a hot shower is the least I would pay and then for the power add on an extra $5, but I guess you can pay whatever you are comfortable with. The only negative is the amenities block is a bit of a walk from the camp area. I did get up around 1 in the morning and as I walked to the toilet block I saw the outside light go on, but no one seemed to be walking back, probably just an animal, but I neither saw or heard anything, it did make me very aware of just how far from the pod and the other campers I was. The thought crossed my mind that it was far enough, easily a bit more than 200m, that no one would hear me if I yelled out. I was not seriously scarred, just aware and wary and thought it worth mentioning, maybe it is a female thing but being aware of personal safety is never a bad idea. Don’t want to sound negative, I am really grateful to have access to such a great site with clean bathrooms, hot showers and power. It did prove a decent stop for the night.

Roma is just a short drive on from Wallumbilla, we stopped briefly at Walkabout park, which is on the outskirts of Roma. I would like to acknowledge the Mandandanji people, traditional custodians and acknowledge their elders, past, present and emerging and their on going connection to country. That connection is admirably demonstrated in Mandandanji / Walkabout Park, a cultural reserve on the Eastern side of Roma. This is a fantastic park to stop, with an educational, cultural display of significant artefacts. After we left, I googled and discovered this great website also put up by the Mandandji people: The site has a great feature on language, check it out. I also discovered they participate in Roma’s Easter in the country celebrations, by holding a Dreaming festival on Easter Saturday, I have added this to our to do list for next year.

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