Interesting travel from Canarvan Gorge to Biloela. First on the road out of Canarvon are the remains of crashed World War II Dakota transport aircraft that killed eighteen American and Australian service people. The memorial was created by a local scout group with the assistance of the regional Army Reserve regiment.

The road between Rolleston and Moura I compare to a roller coaster. Just bounced along the road and was travelling at much less than the legal speed limit. As the driver, it was not a pleasant experience.

Had lunch from a great bakery in Moura. The food was fresh and delicious. Stopped to take a few pictures at the town’s water tower which was beautifully painted with an iconic character from the region, the galah.

Arrived at Biloela Heritage Park and nabbed the last spot for the cheap camping. Was busy due to the Farm Machinery Show and Swap that was to be held on the weekend coming. The site turned out to have no power and was the furthermost from the amenities. The amenities though are great with each cubical with a toilet and a hot shower. No cooking facilities are available. The sites are laid out on a grid on open ground, not a lot of grass and no trees. We paid $10 to the local historical museum for an overnight stay with entry to the museum included in the price of the stay. $15 for a powered site. The museum is surprisingly good and has some great historical pieces in its collection including an old church building and railway station. Both have been used to display more exhibits. The cafe is also good and we had a quick snack before departing.

Biloela itself is a reasonably sized town with many facilities for the traveller. We stocked up on meals and produce from the local Woolworth’s for the next leg of our journey. It is a great place for an overnight night stop with the great little museum, staffed by volunteers and access to shops and services.

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