Just continuing with my plan to once a month highlight great content and great bloggers, this time I want to highlight the writings of Ian at shojiwax check out Ian’s post on Clouds: https://shojiwax.com/2019/08/05/on-clouds/ I especially love Ian’s random musings, but his travel posts are great too, as a nurse Ian has posted some great content on things like first aid, here is the link to his snakebite first aid post: https://shojiwax.com/2018/10/26/snakebite-first-aid/

I am reminded of the times I run into people walking in inappropriate footwear and clothing, think open toed shoes or worse, thongs (flipflops), and things like shorts. Walking on the Main Range park here in Queensland, we once ran into a couple on the trail who had stopped because of a snake on the path, the lady was wearing open sandals and three quarter pants, as we approached she told us there was a snake with the comment, “I don’t know if it is poisonous”, this is an area with eastern browns, who are indeed poisonous and quite aggressive, on this occasion the snake was a magnificent red belly black, a beautiful animal, also poisonous, but not in the same league as the browns. Snake bite is rare, but it does pay to be aware and to carry a compression bandage in your day pack just in case. On that occasion the lady looked at my boots with the comment that perhaps she should have worn something like those. And yes you should wear something like good boots! I don’t normally wear special hiking shoes, normally I just wear my much loved docs but they are great for hiking. I am not a fan of snakes, the sight of an eastern brown will have me breaking land speed records in an effort to get out of its vicinity, but I do have a kind of fondness for the red bellies, an extremely common snake where I grew up and I have had many close encounters over the years, none of which were ever negative experiences, still an animal to always treat with respect.

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