One of Bronte’s taking pictures of people looking at pictures, pictures.

This is just a very quick and brief post today, I just want to highlight the fact that there are currently two fantastic and free exhibitions on at GoMA in Brisbane. The Margaret Olley and the Ben Quilty exhibitions, if you are anywhere near Brisbane these are must see. We happened to be in Brisbane on Saturday for a family event at South Bank, had a bit of time to kill, the cultural precinct offers so many ways to pleasantly kill time; the museum, the science centre, the art gallery and GoMA. I opted to go to the museum, specifically the natural history section, I was looking to improve my bird identification. Bronte, (daughter), opted for GoMA. Bron sent a text telling me I HAD TO SEE the Quilty exhibition, so I wandered over, she was not wrong. My only regret was that I did not have a lot of time. The strongest recommendation I can give, is to say that I have a day off on Wednesday and I am planning on spending it back at the gallery, so I can take my time experiencing both the Margret Olley and the Quilty exhibitions. Taking the time to go back to Brisbane to spend a day immersing myself in art, something I have not done for awhile.

Check out the links: Margaret Olley and Quilty This really is a great opportunity to see the works of two great, if very different Australian artists. Quilty’s Rorschach paintings really are must see. I thought I new what to expect of Quilty, having a passing familiarity with his portraits, he won the Archibald for his portrait of Margaret Olley and that painting is on display in the Olley exhibit, and the portraits he did as part of his role as official war artist in Afghanistan, but the Rorschach landscapes were a surprise, really striking intense and political. I took no photos on my short visit on Saturday, photos in art galleries is one of my pet peeves, I think the Prado has the right idea in regards to phones and cameras in the galleries. Pull out a phone in the Prado and even remotely look like you are considering taking a photo and you will be jumped on by security, not a bad a thing. I have been in galleries where people spend their whole time wandering around seeing the art only through the view finder on their phone, how is that a way to experience art? Although for the sake of the blog I will take photos on Wednesday.

Stay tuned, more to come.

3 thoughts on “Go to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

  1. South Bank is probably my favourite place in Brisbane – such a wonderful cultural precinct. I love the way the art galleries, the museums and the library are all within walking distance. And sitting by the river is nice too. I can understand your pet peeve about photos in galleries. It does seem to defeat the purpose of being there in the first place, BUT I too have taken photos in places “for the sake of the blog”. I feel that we’re doing our bit to promote our town, state or country, bring worthwhile places and events to attention, and encourage others to enjoy a cultural experience.

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    1. Good point Karen, I think I am still astounded at the kind of things I saw at the d’Orsay and Louvre where I watched people wandering around with their phones in front of them spending only a few seconds with each art work, they were more interested in getting the photo to prove they were there, than in really engaging with the art and it seemed like such a wasted opportunity. There have been times where I regretted not taking more photos but then I do enjoy the freedom to simply enjoy the moment in locations that discourage photography.
      We are really lucky having free access to such great resources. I really liked your post on Cobb and Co and I am going to write a post on the cultural precinct, in Brisbane and I would like to link to your post on Cobb and Co Toowoomba’s part of the Queensland museum.

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