This weekend’s trip was a little serendipitous as I tried to get a last minute bookings to a coastal caravan park. The intended destination was somewhere just north of Brisbane near Bribie Island. Most of the bigger locations were booked out so we ended up at the sleepy fishing village of Toorbul. A small council caravan park, with about half being permanent residents. The park is quiet and friendly with average van sites and clean amenities. We did get the last camper site without the concrete pad so we had sand and green grass under our feet and I thank the manager for getting us in. We did find that the park was full for the weekend so I feel very lucky to get a nice spot.

The town is located across the Pumicestone Passage from Bribie Island. The water is flat and there is no beach but it was restful which is exactly what we wanted for the weekend. This is a village for the fisherman as there are a number of boat ramps and car & trailer parks available.

There is one shop which is also the local bar. The fish and chips was ok. Side Note: This is a travel ritual that S and I have, when at the coast, we always have one meal of take away fish and chips on the foreshore. This has lead to some interesting moments where we are hanging on to the packaging for dear life due to strong winds, racing to finish the food before being rained on or most commonly waving off the local wildlife who want to steal the food. We have found some excellent tasting meals but the opposite has been true as well. Mostly we find that meals are ok.

A short drive is all that is needed to see Toorbul so we ventured further to visit Bribie Island. This is thirty minutes away as you have to go inland for ten minutes before being able to head to Bribie. We drove across the long bridge and through to the coastal side. I have not been here for fifteen years but the development changes have been huge. I am actually glad the caravan parks were full as I prefer the small town of Toorbul to the suburban feel of Bribie. The beach is very nice with beautiful white sands

The cafes are busy on ordinary weekends so I would hesitate to go during the school holidays. We had nice ice cream and cake at a café next to the beach entrance. Since we did not bring our swimmers, we returned to the pod and spent the afternoon reading.

The van park is visited by a lot of wild birds. Most of these following pictures were taken while I was sitting under the shade at the pod. I was impressed that the ducks were willing to hang around within three meters of me with their duckling. I was vewy, vewy quite.

If you want a quite stay, this is a great place to book.

6 thoughts on “A quiet weekend away

  1. Great photos. I really like the artwork on your pod. It’s interesting that fish and chips on the beach is a common tradition across Australia. It was our family tradition too in South Australia. I wonder how it started?


    1. Thanks Karen. I am not sure how it started but it has been in the Australian culture for a long time. Sharon and I love to buy battered fish, calamari and chips and sit on a bench or picnic table beside the ocean at dusk. We watch the lights on the ocean come on as the sun sets and then walk along the promenade.

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      1. I think you’re right. It was a tradition in my mother’s family on their beach holidays in the late 1940s. People on the coast have probably always eaten fish, but the chips may be a British twist.


  2. Really enjoy your photos. You have some wonderful hideaways nearby, and your photography skills are up to the task as well. Fish and chips on the beach sounds like a yummy tradition! When Bonnie and I used to get out for our day trips, our traditional meal to seek out was fish tacos. San Diego being right on the border and having a long Mexican heritage, plus being home to a major tuna fleet back in the day, you can get some good ones here, and even the just okay ones are mighty tasty!

    Wishing you many years ahead to enjoy these little excursions! Thanks for sharing.


      1. Hello, G, nice meeting you. Fish tacos are among our favorites, but you need to be careful. Some of them are just a battered fish block in a taco shell.


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