Our journey home from Toorbul was surprising. On impulse, we decided to visit some of the Brisbane northern suburbs that took our fancy. This is something that we do while driving if we have the time, take a random turnoff and see what is there. It has lead to some fantastic discoveries like Red Rock and Seal Rock on our longer journeys. This journey was the same.

First we tried to have a look at Redcliff but were thwarted because the main street was closed due to a food and wine festival. Since we had the pod in tow, there was no parking available for us at this popular event. Disapointed, we moved on.

Sandgate was the next place to explore and did not disappoint. It is on the other side of the bay from Redcliff and has a very established feel to it. The buildings are old but very well maintained. Since it was morning tea time we stopped off for tea and a coffee.

The café is called “The Witchin’ Kitchen” and we went to order. What we didn’t realise was that there are two cafés. One does food and the other, “The Speciality Coffee House”, does the drinks. We ordered a yummy chocolate brownie to share and then I went next door to order our tea and coffee which is then delivered. Both places were busy and the food on other customers tables looked great.

The cliffs around Sandgate and Shorncliffe have amazing views of the bay and the council have made a large investment to restore the Shorncliffe Pier. Many families were using the great playground and barbeque facilities for parties and get togethers.

The pier has been fully restored and is a great place to fish or just walk. It is 800 meters long and since it was low tide while we were there, we could see the sandy bottom, small fish and jelly fish along the entire length.

This suburb and surrounds is surprising but well worth the look.

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