Okay so a bit slack with BookSnapSunday, been off bush all weekend, so decided to just re-hash an old one. The book is The Odyssey and the location is Seal Rocks in NSW, will be more organised next week. At least I got some much needed camping, post to come, on free camping at Benarkin and walking the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

5 thoughts on “#BookSnapSunday – an old favourite

  1. Great photo, so perfect with the waves replicating the waves on the cover. I have finally got a copy of Emily Wilson’s translation, complete with lovely bevelled edges, which I am looking forward to reading sometime. I really enjoyed her session at the Sydney Writers Festival which I saw via Live and Local – such a great idea for those of us who will probably never get there in the flesh.

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      1. The Live and Local is advertised through the Empire Theatre. I have only ever seen it for the Sydney Writers Festival. Usually one session per time slot is streamed out to regions across Australia. And it’s free to attend! It’s just a shame that more people don’t attend.

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