Just a quick post, much more to come, we thought we would do a quick trip to Stanthorpe, wine capital of Queensland.

I was a bit concerned that the area would feel a bit inhospitable after the recent fires and the on going drought but just a little rain has allowed for some greening. It is a green drought so just a little rain can make things look a little brighter and while the water levels at the Storm king dam might be low and water restrictions are in place, there is still water in the dam, the view is still lovely.

The drought and fires have made things hard on an area that relies on agriculture and tourism. In reality while things are dry the area still has its charms, right now we are enjoying virtual solitude at the Sommerville Valley Park after a day of visiting wineries and Mt Stirling Olives. Full post to come but just wanted to put it out there, that if you are looking for a weekend getaway, the Granite belt is still a great option.

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