I absolutely love the diary of Frida Kahlo, what an amazing woman she was. What I love most about her diary is the sheer immediacy and intimacy of the diary and most of all I love the colour and the unpolished nature of the diary, the rough, naive nature of the illustration. This is not a tidy document, it is rough and passionate and I love it for that very reason, there is nothing perfect and polished about it, it is rough and ready, full of colour and scrawled ideas. And it sort of gives me permission to be just as passionate and rough and free in my own journal. This lovely edition contains an English translation of the diary and an introduction by the great Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes. Frida is a role model, a source of inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “#BookSnapSunday – The diary of Frida Kahlo

  1. Great idea to show the inside as well as the cover. Definitely very vibrant and passionate. Does give you permission to be messy and spontaneous, doesn’t it. We all need somewhere where we don’t need to have it neat, tidy and perfect.

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