Confusion, Chaos, Headache, Lightheadedness
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I am feeling a bit confused at the moment, uncertain of what to blog about. I have not written a post all week, (except for book snap), and that feels terribly slack. We started the blog initially to just record the weekend adventures but then every now and then something a bit more random snuck in. I am a big admirer of those bloggers who can publish an informative or entertaining blog post every day or every other day. How do they do it?

I find I want to post on more random things that might interest me. So be prepared for random non camping, non travel related posts to pop up from time to time: random stuff like posts on curiosity or creativity, journaling or nature. I have a bit of an obsession with birds at the moment, so I suspect that might pop up in a post before long. And puppy posts, sorry but I might be boring people with accounts of Ada’s ongoing training dramas and the horrible lives our cats lead, now they have to share the couch with a canine. Ada will be camping with us whenever possible, so that at least will give the long suffering feline tribe a break.

Confusion seems a good word for today, the world feels a very confused place these days.

And just to end with a gratuitous cute puppy picture:

5 thoughts on “Just a bit of Confusion

  1. Hi Sharon, yes I often wonder how some bloggers manage to publish everyday or even how many books some book bloggers manage to read every month. It’s good to have a bit of variety, so I will be looking forward to your “random” posts. Puppy training dramas sound like they could be very entertaining and cute photos always bring a smile to my face.

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  2. Hi Sharon, I used to post frequently at the beginning and read heaps of other blogs but couldn’t sustain it. What was meant to be a relaxing outlet turned into something more high pressure. I also started to feel constrained by having to focus on hiking when there is so many other things I am passionate about. In the end I decided to relax about it and post when the mood took me and I had the time. I also decided to throw in some of my other interests. I think it’s best to share whatever you are passionate about when you feel like it, whether that be about dogs, books, nature sightings, life reflections or travelling. We don’t get paid for it either! My next post when I eventually finish it will not be about hiking, but about the creatures and plants in my garden. Like you, I’ve been delighting in birds lately. They’ve been therapy in what are very stressful times politically/environmentally. I don’t look at stats etc on my blog these days. They are pretty non-existent! Haha. Anyway, I know how you feel…these are confusing times. All the best. Jane.

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  3. A cute puppy picture is always welcome – and we like random!
    Keep up the good work – but don’t get stressed. As Jane rightly says, it’s got to be FUN!
    I put my blog on hold for a while when things got a bit too much with outside influences. I don’t think I lost my hard-earned followers and at least a couple have said that they are glad to have me back. Which is nice! đŸ™‚


  4. I do write posts about all sorts of different things. I am happy with the number of readers that come to my blog and they might like the variety – but maybe it suffers from not having a niche. I write about trips in our campervan, cooking, walking, minimalism, living frugally and saving for early retirement. To me all these things are linked and are me. I could never manage a blog post a day! There would be no time to do anything else! Once a week is nice to let people know you are still out there. It might be my terrible attention span, but I also like shorter blog posts – yours are fantastic so keep it up whenever you can.


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