This is what happens when we ignore climate science, I really do not want to politicise the current tragedy but we must wake up to the reality of a changing climate and the everyday horror it will bring. Bushfire is an expected reality in the Australian summer but this is not normal:

I frankly resent any politician who who wants to attack anyone for raising this issue while the fires are burning as Greg Mullins says in the article below: “if not now, then when?”

Feel angry that we are dealing with this and still have a government in denial. I am extremely angry we have governments, both state and federal who want to vilify climate activists, concerned citizens who are saying enough is enough. The horror of these fire storms cannot be underestimated. “Catastrophic” fire warnings are not normal, neither are fire storms so fierce they are unable to be resisted. It is not just the loss of homes and businesses and the loss of life, which is horrific enough. There is a horror that people on the ground have to deal with that we should never underestimate. Farmers are dealing with horrific stock losses, the worst element of which is not the direct loss but having to go back in and deal with injured stock and wildlife. If farmers still have stock alive, they then have to deal with the loss of what little feed they had to sustain stock through the drought. Farmers are not heartless, my experience is that farmers care for the well being of their livestock and having to face events like this can break the strongest people. There is nothing more soul destroying than having to go around and shoot animals with horrific injuries and farmers do the right thing by wildlife as well as there own stock.

It was not that long ago that a report was published claiming koalas are “functionally extinct” : Last week huge tracts of koala habitat was destroyed in the fires bringing another blow to koalas. Animals caught in the fires would have had no hope of survival further decimating both the population and the habitat. I do not want to sound negative and bleak but I am finding it hard to be positive this morning. (This post may be removed later when I think better of it but for now I am venting).

3 thoughts on “Apocalyptic fires

  1. Thank you very much for this thoughtful and insightful post. I totally agree with the comments you have made. I have written a similar article on my blog if you would like to read it. Although we are in a crisis now, we must recognise the impact of climate change


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