As someone who used to blog a decade ago I used to enjoy the occasional giveaway, both participating and winning, and hosting the occasional giveaway. Giveaways are fun. So I thought we might celebrate the coming holiday season by hosting a giveaway. I thought it might be a way to grow the blog while also supporting the local rural community, to that end I have put together one small hamper of some of the excellent products to be found on the Granite Belt, including a small bottle of Mt Stirling chilli infused olive oil, my favourite Jamworks product, plum and chilli paste, fantastic with cheese, the flavour is amazing a perfect balance with just a hint of chilli. Finally two bramble patch products, an amazing raspberry vinegar and a pear and ginger paste. All great products for entertaining, a gourmand’s delight. All products purchased on our recent weekends in Stanthorpe, approximately $30 + value.

After our recent excursions to Stanthorpe the pod has become quite gourmet, so I thought these items might be useful not just in any kitchen but any travellers kitchen. Food always seems better when we are camping and this seemed like a good way to share the experience, while helping just a little bit the communities we visit.

Giveaway runs from Saturday the 16th of November until Saturday the 30th of November. Will find a way to randomly pick a winner and announce winner on Sunday the first of December.

So how to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow us at Gumtrees and galaxies

2. Extra entry for sharing, linking or liking the giveaway on a blog, facebook or any other social media.

3. Make sure you leave me a comment with a link to the social media platform you use whether, it be blog, Facebook or whatever.

4. If you already follow make sure you leave a comment letting me know you are interested in the giveaway.

4 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. I shall certainly give your excellent blog a share on my FB pages, but I don’t expect you to send the giveaway to Italy! 🙂
    I am Jackie Lambert, The Travelling Cavapoos and Caravan Adventures. I might manage to sneak you on to the National Watersports Festival too!
    I look forward to seeing someone deserving win and enjoy the prize.

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    1. Hi Jackie, I did think about the consequence of possibly having to send a long way and decided not to worry,happy to send to whoever in the end and thank you for the share and kind words. I am very much enjoying reading about your exploits both on your blog and in Dogs n Dracula. Happy travels.

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words. If you felt inclined to leave a review of Dogs n Dracula I would be eternally grateful, but no pressure. Sales are going well in the UK but I have yet to break through the international barrier! I’m a great believer in everyone helping each other and that is reward enough. Keep up the good work – I very much enjoy reading about your exploits ‘down under’!

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