A while ago we planned to come back to Red Rock, this quite sea side community away from the hustle and bustle, abundant in wildlife and deficient in humans, my kind of place really. This is just a quick post, we drove down yesterday through roadworks and bush fires, at least the bush fires weren’t close but the ominous orange glow and the heavy smoke haze was discomforting. My phone flashed a fire alert when we entered NSW but nothing close enough for us to worry about.

We are again staying at Reflections camp ground at Red Rock, dogs are allowed if kept on lead at all times and there are a few playmates for Ada. Ada would love to romp off lead but she is coping with the curtailment of her freedom. We are currently being battered by high winds and I feel like the pod and tent could take flight at any moment. It is not too bad I guess, but it feels unsettling. The wind at least keeps the temperature down and it is otherwise quite pleasant.

This morning was Ada’s first encounter with the big water, a bit on the chilly side we took her down the creek side, away from the surf to introduce her to the joys of swimming. I suspect she is still making her mind up about swimming, she bounds in with such enthusiasm and gets water in her ears which makes her slow down and think twice about what she is doing.

Right now she is sleeping off the morning’s exertions.

Just a reminder about the Granite belt Giveaway, just visit the page and leave a link, all details on the post.

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