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So it has been a very hectic weekend and I am well behind on posts, even missed BookSnapSunday. And I was meant to post on the winner of the Granite Belt box, which was Jackie from World Wide Walkies, but a quick check of my email this morning before rushing to work showed that Jackie is offering to donate the box to a good cause, so I have an idea. So what we might do is donate the box on Jackie’s behalf, to be used in a raffle to raise some much needed funds for Save a horse Australia, a work colleague is involved with horse rescue, so that might be the go. Right now there is no shortage of good causes; drought relief, bushfire relief and animal rescue of all sorts but given Horse rescue are currently dealing with the drought on top of all the normal issues they have to face they seem like a worthy cause.

I know I said Red Rock was our last camping trip for the year but we squeezed in a quick family weekend on the Sunshine coast, a bit of a rush but heaps of fun. One thing, always remember to shut the hatch before going to the beach and make sure the awnings are secure, with one side lower than the other to allow water to run off even if it does not look like it is going to rain!!!

Had a bit of an unexpected flood disaster. Happily waltzed off to the beach thinking, no it won’t rain, just a few dark clouds, all promise and no substance, okay that was a mistake. We got caught in sudden heavy down pour, didn’t last long but got back to a very soggy campsite. awnings bending under the strain and a soggy bed due to the open hatch. Feel like an idiot, oh well sometimes the best lesson is the hard one and now I will never make that mistake again. I hope.

Not a lot of photos, but did get sand all over G’s camera, hopefully it won’t be affected. Over exuberant dogs on the beach have a knack of kicking up maximum sand where you don’t want it.

Will post more when I catch up on some much needed sleep and escape the brain fog.

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