We visited the awesome Bar Wunder on Saturday with Ada. Bar Wunder is Toowoomba’s best known dog friendly venue, with a beer garden designed to welcome and cater to canine clientele and their well behaved owners. The four legged clientele have their own menu, including a (non alcoholic) pooch hooch in case the water is not sufficient and dog friendly snacks. Ada tried out a cheese biscuit but was happy with the water, it even came with ice one of favourite things to play with and crunch.

The human menu included vegan options and old fashioned comfort foods. It has been years since I have had a chip and gravy roll, an old student food favourite, but I had one for lunch at Bar Wunder, great with a cold cider. I could have chosen a more sophisticated lunch item but I couldn’t resist the chip and gravy roll. They have some pretty good grazing and sharing options on the menu, we will back to try some of the other options, looking forward to our next visit, I think this is going to become a regular haunt with Ada. You can check out the human menu through the link here:

On arrival Ada went straight to the toy and blanket box, selected a couple of toys and settled herself under the table, awesome staff or should that be pawsome staff bought her a bowl of water and because it was a hot day they added ice, ice is one of her favourite things at the moment. Great for crunching and from my perspective a much better choice than lumps of concrete which she also seems to enjoy, for a while there I seemed to be constantly taking lumps of concrete off her.

Bar Wunder fronts onto Ruthven Street but the doggy beer garden out the back is entered from the lane way behind. It is a pretty cool spot, like the rest of Bar Wunder it is laid back, retro and hipster. Decor is op shop chic . Welcoming and with a really chill atmosphere. Quite when we arrived just on opening time at 12pm, but I should imagine it gets quite busy later in the day.

Really nice to visit a cafe that is so welcoming to dogs but even without Ada we would have enjoyed Bar Wunder, the relaxed, retro atmosphere and the unpretentious menu, you can get coffee and sweets if you prefer but I really like the old fashioned comfort food, jaffles were another option. Lots to try on future visits.

We sometimes go to the off leash area in Queens Park and I am thinking we might drop into Bar Wunder after an afternoon walk for a drink and dinner on the way home. I noticed some of the regulars from the dog park were also up on Bar Wunder’s wall of fame. Visiting canine’s get their photo taken to be added to the wall, a pretty cool marketing device. Bar Wunder is the venue for dog lovers in Toowoomba.

This is one spot in Toowoomba we can highly recommend, especially if visiting with a dog.

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