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I feel like I have been getting bogged down in the negative of late so just wanted to share something positive.It has been a while since I have shared links to other great blogs so I thought it was about time I did that again. I have selected a couple of blogs that generally gift me a smile most days I read them and that is a gift in deed.

First up is

Hergest, a Hound’s Philosophy

Philosophy of a dog. Written from Hergest the moral hounds perspective this is a delightful blog. Being a young hound Hergest seems to have a bit of an accident prone engagement with the world and an owner intent on educating him on philosophical thinking, or is it Hergest educating all of us. Hergest’s daily adventure is always accompanied by a beautiful photo of the the photogenic philosopher hound and this is one of the lovely blogs that I stumbled across and that makes me smile.


Life after the Care Farm. Now this one is a bit hard to describe but I am pretty sure Quercus would not disagree with the description of curmudgeonly. Quercus posts daily, sometimes a couple of times a day and he also makes me smile. He might be moaning but he is also amusing.

Finally I thought I would share:

Tootlepedal’s Blog

A look at life in the borders. Tootlepedal’s blog is just simply lovely to look at, with gorgeous daily photos of landscape and birds, I love to stop by to look at the gorgeous Scottish scenery and even on a dull day Tootlepedal can find something lovely to post. In our bright, scorched, summer I look enviously at Tootlepedals overcast scenery and dream of cooler, damper climes.

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