This is the post I meant to do last week, but the bushfire emergency seemed to overwhelm and posting about the healing power of nature just did not feel right at the time. I have blogged about Emma Mitchell’s The Wild Remedy here. I love the idea of walking in nature to heal. I find forests so sensual at the best of times and walking Ada in Black gully, one of our off leash dog parks was no exception, the Australian environment is such an olfactory and tactile experience with the scent of eucalypt and the tactile pleasure of running your hands along the smooth trunks of grand trees as they shed their parchment like bark.

Black gully is a small park but it has some grand eucalypts and feels like a little bit of bush in the center of civilisation. There is an enclosed off leash area across the road but the gully itself is also off leash and a good location to let Ada explore and sniff to her hearts content, it also lets me practice her off leash recall which is not always perfect when she is with other dogs but getting better. The gully provided a cool shady walk on a hot humid day, the air was full of the fragrance of eucalypt as we crunched leaves beneath out feet. There is an elegant beauty to these trees with cool smooth trunks beneath peeling parchment bark, the soft colours that range from cream and olive grey to a subdued earthy red.

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