It is amazing what a little bit of rain can do to a parched landscape. Green appears overnight and grass grows from dirt that has been scuffed and churned into dust. It gives me hope that the burnt areas of Australia can recover. We still have lost a lot in people, buildings, farm animals and wildlife with recovery excruciatingly slow but it will happen. It takes a walk in the park to get away from the dread that appears on our screens daily and provide some of the hope for the future.

Lake Annand and East Creek parks across the road from each other provide a place to reflect that is hard to resist. There are joggers, children playing loudly and wildlife galore but these things bring this park and yourself alive.

A slow walk with the dog is a great way to destress. The parks are colourful and contain lots of shady areas to rest or contemplate. For those more active, East Creek provides exercise stations to enhance your walk.

Wildlife has always been a part of the eco system of Lake Annand, they provide a safe island in the lake so that birds can rest without local predators reaching them.

These are a great pair of parks that cater for families, exercise buffs or those that just want to go for a quiet walk.

2 thoughts on “Lake Annand Park and East Creek Park

  1. Hi G, great photos. I felt the need for some nature this week and walked along the West Creek walkway, and what a difference from a few months ago. The last time I was there, the ponds were practically empty. But this week, it was beautiful. The ponds were covered with flowering water lilies and the natives were flowering too. So refreshing.

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