Just another quick Sunday Booksnap I actually read The Dinosaur Artist around this time last year, an expose into smuggling and fraud in the paleontology world, an entertaining and informative read especially in regards to Mongolia and the trove of fossils that country has generated in recent years.

Happy reading and if you would like to join me in the BookSnapSunday meme, please feel free and leave me a comment and a link, love to see what others are reading.

One thought on “A dinosaur themed #BookSnapSunday

  1. I can appreciate your fascination for dinosaurs. There is something really intriguing about creatures that lived so long ago, especially when we stand underneath those museum displays and look upon those T-rex teeth. Not to mention being able to pronounce the names correctly. I can quite imagine there would be a high demand for fossils and the temptation for fraud. I didn’t get around to posting this week so I’m saving my snap for this week.


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