The summer is our quite time in regards to camping, we tend to stay around home base at lot more over the summer, exploring our local environment and resources a bit more. I rely heavily on local parks for my nature fix and Toowoomba does have an abundance of parks, it is not called the Garden city for nothing. Last weekend we spiced things up a bit and went for a walk through the Toowoomba and Drayton cemetery. I am quite fond of cemeteries, I find them peaceful, relaxing spaces, full of quirky history and curious enigmas, like this one.

Weathering has made the grave stone hard to read but it appears at least two people rest here, including “an adventurous woman” I am intrigued? Who was she and what is the significance of the deep sea diver’s helmet? There is a year, 1928, so deep sea diving, adventurous indeed for that time. What is the story?

The surname appears to be White, perhaps a David …. White and Stella Winifred Peel White?

I was aware that you can get a guide for self guided walks in the cemetery, so I dropped into the tourist information center to pick one up. The lovely ladies there could not tell me much about the grave and the mysterious adventurous woman but the Tombstone trails brochure will come in handy next time we walk through. I did learn that the cemetery is a favourite dog walking area for a number of people and I can certainly understand why, with the lovely avenues of mature trees and the quite atmosphere it is a lovely place to walk.

When I have time I will drop into the historical society or the local history library and see if I can find out more but for now it is still a mystery. So how do you feel about cemeteries? Do you find them creepy? I have a friend who does not share my enjoyment of a good cemetery walk but I love the history and the peace. If you know anything about this little mystery please let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “A Cemetery mystery

  1. People go to a lot of trouble sometimes about someone who has gone on, finding out their who and why.

    But it’s the living I can care about – their stories may yet be improved. I do hope there’s an afterlife, though – there would be lots of fascinating people to spend time with.

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