Since S and I have had our dog, Ada, we get to walk a lot more. We did this walk in Laurel Bank Park on a day that was cloudy and promising rain. We have had a week of showers and the parks and gardens of Toowoomba are responding to this long overdue largess. Every plant is responding to the water from the sky and appear, to me, to be glowing. Have a look at these pictures and see the colours of the grass and plants are more vivid than usual. I have not enhanced these photos.

The gardeners have been working a long time on their topiary skills. They have some very interesting shapes defined and my favourites are these. Can you guess the famous landmarks these represent?

We do not have official confirmation of these answers but our guesses are;

Big Ben,
Great Wall of China,
The Sphinx,
Arc de Triomphe,
Eiffel Tower,
Leaning Tower of Pisa,
Sydney Opera House

One thought on “Same Park, Different View

  1. Hi G, great photos. The parks are looking lovely after the recent rain. I am not familiar with the Arc de Triomphe, but I think you might be right with all those other famous landmarks. It takes some pretty clever landscaping skills to keep those shapes in order.

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