Saw this amazing photo and story about bush fire affected lyrebirds in NSW. As fires raged near near Wollombi, one resident saw a group of up to twenty birds seeking shelter in a shallow dam. These are normally fairly solitary birds so this kind of behaviour is pretty rare, if not unique. The full story can be read here:

Eleven lyrebirds around a small farm dam with smoke in the air.
image:  PJ Wallis

I find lyrebirds such lovely, delicate birds, with their elongated tails and delicate heads, they seem fairy like, magical creatures, it feels like a gift to come across one in the bush, especially since they are inclined to be shy, you are more likely to hear a lyrebird and mistake it for another species all together due to their remarkable skills at mimicry, check out the David Attenborough clip on YouTube:

We last had a close encounter with a lyrebird on the Minnamurra Falls walk last year, it was a highlight of that walk. The one we encountered did several other bird calls, the most obvious of which was a kookaburra. I fear for such birds at the moment, the devastation of their habitat is a bigger threat than the fires themselves, starvation is now an issue.

Our fauna is so remarkable, beautiful and in many respects unique, it just breaks my heart to see them suffer and the desperation they are now facing.

a Lyrebird at Minnamura FalLs NSW

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