with links to other challenge participants.

Just posting a quick summary of January reading and link to Karen’s post for the Gaia Reading challenge; Watership Down. And welcome J.G. from Hotchpot Cafe to the Gaia challenge and Jamie from Whatever I think of `Can’t wait to see what everyone reads.

If anyone else would like to leave a link to a review they have done for the Gaia challenge feel free to leave a link in the comments or leave me a message and I will add your link here.

I managed to finish three books for January and dipped into a couple more. One for Sam’s When are you reading challenge, I read my selected pre 1300 title Memento Mori by Ruth Downie, a great historical mystery set in Roman Britain, specifically in the spa town that would become known as Bath, a great historical read.

I also read two titles for my own challenge the Gaia nature challenge. Firstly I read The Wild Remedy by Emma Mitchell and The Hidden Life of Trees by by Peter Wohlleben.

Right now my book buddy is reminding me she hasn’t had a proper walk today so I am just quickly posting this and encourage everyone to check out each others blogs and posts. Happy reading everyone.

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