This week’s book snap is Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites, the third discworld novel and the first novel in the witches arc. I am participating in Annemieke’s read along for this title. Love Pratchett’s work, wit and wisdom, books to amuse while sometimes making you think. You don’t have to start at the beginning with discworld, in fact personally I advise people to start with either guards or the witches or the Tiffany Aching novels but really you could start anywhere and it would be okay. It is a personal thing but I think the discworld novels got better as they went along. You don’t have to start with the first novel The Colour of Magic. Equal Rites is the third discworld novel and the first novel in the witches story arc and a great place to start if you are new to Pratchett. The novel features one of Pratchett’s greatest and most loved characters Granny Weatherwax.

The discworld novels have been re-issued with beautiful covers over the years but I am reading G’s original paperback edition of the novel. I must confess I was never that keen on the original artwork but they do have an unpretentious charm. Discworld is so popular in our house we have bought some of the re-issue hardcovers, they are books that get read and re-read in our house so it didn’t seem to frivolous to purchase the lovely hardcovers. There will always be a place for Pratchett on our bookshelves.

Feel free to leave a link if you join in #BookSnapSunday. And check out Annemieke’s blog and readalong. Happy reading.

3 thoughts on “Equal Rites on #BookSnapSunday

    1. If you are interested in trying discworld the first Tiffany book The Wee Free Men is a good one to try. I was interested in the Ransom Riggs books when they came out and then I got side tracked, maybe I should have another look at them.

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      1. There’s always so many good books coming out, so little time and so much else to do as well, it’s easy to get side tracked. Looks like I’ll be adding Terry Pratchett to the TBR.

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