It has not been a great week for reading and I have failed to finish anything, almost but not quite finished, so decided to just grab the most appropriate title from the TBR: Rain : four walks in the English weather by Melissa Harrison, it is a title I picked up a while back and has just been waiting for me to get around to it. Rain is also the reason I did not get to go camping this weekend. G wimped out and argued that it was just going to be too wet, he did have a point and sure enough Friday and Saturday it bucketed down. Ada and I sought solace in the pod in the backyard anyway, it is our happy place, I was tempted to just sleep in the pod in the backyard on Saturday night, but decided even I was not keen on the idea of having to make a nighttime dash to the loo in pouring rain.

Rain will be one of my nature reads this year for the Gaia challenge. I bought this one in part because I actually love walking in the rain, I really don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Who said; “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, that is a philosophy I can relate to.

Anyway if you would like to participate in #BookSnapSunday please feel free to leave a link. Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “Rain – #BookSnapSunday

  1. Sad that you couldn’t go camping but the sound of rain on a tin roof was just wonderful. Just hope it was widespread for all those who desperately need rain. I suppose if you lived in England, rainy weather would be the norm.

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