Just a quick BookSnap this week, my current read, Laura Waters great account of running away to the wilds of New Zealand and trekking the Te Araroa trail, loving reading about Laura’s amazing and challenging journey. I have a bit of thing for memoirs about long distance treks, the wilder the landscape the better and this one will also fit into the Gaia nature reading challenge.

Just on the subject of great of treks I recently started following this blog called Chica’s Challenge: One dog and her man walking across Spain, raising money for their podenco friends. Check it out, it is an awesome walk and it raises awareness about the pondencos the so called forgotten dogs of Spain, magnificent little hunting hounds that are subject to some terrible abuse and neglect. The walk and the scenery is pretty awesome to.

Happy reading and if you would like to join me in #BookSnapSunday feel free to leave a link in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of walking – #BookSnapSunday

    1. I wish I could do those kinds of serious treks but I have to be honest and say 10 ks is my limit these days and even if I really wanted to try and do a trek like that I don’t think I could even find the motivation and energy to train for it, wish I could but I am basically too lazy and unfit these days. Still fun to read about it though.


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