Currimundi beach is an absolute gem by any standard but as a dog friendly off leash beach it is probably one of the best beaches you could ever take the canine to. This part of the coast is the traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi people and the name Currimundi derives from the Kabi Kabi name for the area Garrimundi or Girrimundi, meaning ‘Place of flying foxes’. Connected to a salt water lake, ideal for kayaking, the whole Currimundi section of the Sunshine coast is just a little bit of perfection, fantastic that dogs are allowed in most areas and the foreshore is off leash from entry 249 to 253 which gives you a considerable area to let the fur baby frolic to their hearts content. A fairly gentle surf beach it was ideal for building Ada’s surf confidence. Golden sands and crystal clear, warm ocean, other dogs to frolic with, just a perfect spot.

The Currimundi lake conservation area does not allow dogs, but if you can leave the fur baby with someone else for a bit you can do some of the easy walks available in an area that is great for spotting wildflowers and birds.

I think this post is just an excuse for gratuitous Ada frolicking on the beach photos. Initially she has not been a keen swimmer and while she still is not keen on the waves washing over her and getting water in her ears, I think she has discovered the joy of the beach both in the water and out. Sometimes you just need some vitamin Sea and Curimundi is close enough for us to do a weekend trip, which probably benefits us more than Ada. Spots like this one make me appreciate being in Australia.

3 thoughts on “Currimundi Beach – a doggy beach paradise.

    1. She has discovered that water can be heaps of fun and the trick with the waves is to just jump over them, I think she might have a tigger gene, since she bounces like tigger.

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