Had a much needed weekend camping trip to Queen Mary Falls, used it to start finding my sisu. Sisu is my favourite word at the moment, and what a great concept it is, hard to translate it roughly means; everyday courage but maybe something a bit more than that. A Finnish concept and the idea that defines the national character, a kind of simple, resilient strength drawn from a healthy engagement with the natural world, my kind of thinking.

Queen Mary Falls is probably our favourite, close by campsite, perfect for a quick weekend of peace, quite, and nature, the campground just across the road from the national park is fantastic, you can go to bed at night with koala’s and frogmouths in the trees overhead and wallabies coming down for an evening feed in the paddocks above the camp ground. In the morning you can get up to the raucous chorus of parrots looking for an easy feed.

Bird, Australia, Crimson Rosella, Wildlife, Nature

The bird numbers seem to be a bit down, fewer king parrots and crimson rosellas and they seemed a bit more standoffish this visit, there were more galahs though and that might be affecting the parrot numbers.

Our visit was too short just an overnight trip and maybe not as peaceful and quite as I would have liked, we had a big extended family get together camping beside us. It is probably worth mentioning this is a great campground for dogs, even though the dogs can’t go into the national park, they are welcome at the camp ground and it seemed like every second camper had a dog. All quite well behaved dogs, the Queen Mary Falls caravan park is a green peaceful oasis, one of my favourite weekend escapes.

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