S and I were invited to a birthday party and it was held in a great Japanese restaurant. The Oyama Japanese Restaurant in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Oyama not only does great food but provides an excellent experience as well. The head chef was entertaining and the staff were very helpful. We had two people celebrating a birthday in our party and we found that the Head Chef was also celebrating his as well which generated a lot of humorous banter. They did allow us to bring our own birthday cake which the Head Chef presented with style and then he led us in singing “Happy Birthday”.

Oyama is pricey but the experience of catching your food straight from the grill is entertaining to watch and worth the price. It is not for the unco-ordinated since you have to catch a raw egg in a bowl. We had the place mostly to ourselves at lunch time on a Saturday so had the staff were really attentive.

It was a fun afternoon enjoyed by all.

2 thoughts on “Oyama Teppanyaki Restaurant

    1. Thank you and I also look forward to your posts. I have been a bit slack about checking the blog lately and for some reason, it had not displayed the comment sorry it has taken me this long to respond.


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