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I am really behind in posting at the moment and while I intended to start posting as normal today, I was struck by some of the positive posts of others on the dreaded virus, so just wanted to share the links.

I have to confess I am finding the mixed messaging we have been getting a bit alarming. Yesterday for the first time since the crisis started I found myself feeling something approaching genuine alarm, reason thankfully returns rapidly.

A couple of positive observations:

Panic happens when we are thinking only of ourselves, but things are a lot less stressfull if you start thinking of how you can help others.

I suspect the virus has caused a positive impact on the environment, lowering carbon emissions, China has cleaner air as a result of the forced shut down, so not all bad news.

The world has never had cleaner hands, lets hope we all keep up the good habits.

Personally, if I am forced to stay home it gives me an opportunity to catch up on reading and that is a good thing.

This morning I read a couple of positive posts from other bloggers so just wanted to share the links, firstly to The Alchemist’s Studio and B-B-B-BYE CORONA – SELF CARE IN THE TIME OF PANDEMIC, now I can’t hear covid 19 and not think “come on Eileen”, remember Dexy’s Midnight Runners. That blast from the past has just become my earworm of the day.

The other post I wanted to share a link to is the ever sensible Ian at Shojiwax, take a moment and just chill: Yarram and a coronavirus update

And now for just a happy dog picture. Life is good, enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “Sharing some positive responses to covid 19

  1. Yes, I’ve got somewhat behind in blogging too, too many other things happening. But I agree, being forced to stay home will give plenty of opportunity for other activities, like reading, movies, and perhaps even blogging! As long as I don’t run out of toilet paper…

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    1. Yep and I am starting to think I should have thrown in an extra pack of loo paper back when we still could get some and some hand sanitiser, we are even running out of hand sanitiser at work, mind you, I don’t think the library has ever been so clean.

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