So what is your plague theme song? Mine is R.E.M Its the end of the world as we know it. No rights breech is intended and yes I really should just share the link but what the hell. Love this song, an old favourite. Found this on Youtube and felt I needed to share.

R.E.M have written the theme song for the age, we just need to vary the lyrics a little maybe: It starts with an outbreak…. Feel free to leave some suggestions.

So the supermarkets are still devoid of loo paper and you can only buy a maximum of two bottles of pasta sauce but that is okay because there is no pasta on the shelves to put it on. Oddly I notice fresh milk in abundance and no one seems to be buying, why is that? There is now a limit on soap, apparently the unwashed masses is a myth, they are now so washed out they are fading. Good luck everyone, these are interesting times.

7 thoughts on “So its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine – running out of loo paper though.

  1. LOVE the REM song – it is very apt!
    Although it is the weirdest thing that I am in Northern Italy, in the midst of the worst CoV outbreak outside of China, and there are no shortages. We are in our third week of lockdown and have loo paper a-plenty, The only thing missing at our last Supermarket Sweep was bread flour. We’re in the mountains and got a lovely tray of fresh strawberries!
    Hopefully this will continue as the lockdown extends.
    You could always consider making your own pasta? I believe it is quite easy, although I have never tried! (My pasta maker ended up in a charity shop without my knowledge. I only discovered the treachery when I walked past the window with my husband and said, “That looks like my pasta maker!” Silence. Which said it all…!)

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    1. A bit too lazy for making my own I have to confess, not too worried as I do have some and I usually buy things like pasta from places like Source which is a bulk food supplier, last time I was at Source they seemed to be escaping the panic buying hysteria. Souce is a bit of an undiscovered gem, kind of hoping it stays that way at least for the time being.
      Husbands. Don’t need to say anymore really.
      Really impressed that you got strawberries.
      Actually really impressed that Italy has not been subject to the same hysterical panic buying, maybe having very real things to worry about stops you from launching into the kind of craziness we have seen here.
      How are the pups coping? Getting enough exercise in the lockdown?
      May you both continue to evade the dreaded virus!

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      1. Thank you and same to you. None of us are getting enough exercise, since on 21st March we were confined to barracks. All outdoor activities are banned, so we are only permitted to take the pups out in the immediate vicinity of the house, even though there is no-one here! The police told us that the rules have to apply to everyone, which, I suppose, is fair enough. We do a few short circumnavigations of the building each day and take the ball for a play session, but they are used to much more exercise! They are very good, though and very loving. In the third week, I am beginning to feel it a bit!

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  2. I am amazed that I have now had friendly reports from Italy, Australia, and perhaps elsewhere as well. Hello from Florida, USA!
    Quite a bit of panic buying here. Some things sell out as soon as they are on the shelves: flour, plant-based milks, baby wipes. I am still well-provisioned on lentils and canned goods from hurricane season and thought a bit ahead for the rest. Fresh fruit is abundant and the local farmer’s markets are doing drive-through business, as Mother Nature keeps producing and they need the income.
    We are all learning some new ways of doing things and being kind to our neighbors. The big medical wave has not hit us yet, but it’s building. Good thoughts to you all!

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    1. Best wishes to you to J.G. I am hoping the social distancing will slow the infection rate here but I guess we just wait and see. The panic buying surprised me. We are still getting fresh produce, prices are going up but that could be due to the drought and recent fires as much as the virus.


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