Travelling in Australia gives us many opportunities to see interesting things and places. Fingal Head Causeway is one such place and somewhere that S wanted to visit through her compulsive researching. The causeway is an unusual geologic formation that deserves a personal visit, pictures while nice, do not do it justice. The headland itself is well known and supports a lighthouse as well as great beaches.

We started our walk in a park with an echidna statue which was explained on the sign we saw nearby. After seeing the rock formations, I can appreciate why the aboriginal locals saw them as something familiar (in this case a giant echidna in the surf), which generate stories that become legends. This is what humanity does to explain the unusual until a better explanation comes along. Of course some stories never fade. We do love our stories because it makes life more fun.

The path to the headland is well used but not particularly well signposted. You walk through coastal parkland full of trees, multiple dirt pathways and many birds until you get to a wooden walkway to climb to the top of the headland. It is a very easy climb up the stairs passing the old lighthouse keepers cottage remains and then come upon the lighthouse itself. The light is still in use to this day.

A short walk to the edge of the headland and the view of the sea and the rocks is awesome and with the sea being a little rough on the the day we visited, provided majestic scenes as the waves crashed against the causeway. You can see in the pictures the rock formations reminiscent of the Giant’s Causeway in the UK (

We spent some time admiring the view. We shared the headland with quite a few picnickers and others making the walk. There was even a couple that brought a hammock to wile away the hours. And of course there were the Instagrammers trying the take the perfect shot, this took them a long time as they were working on this same shot for at least twenty minutes.

To find out more on the causeway see Lighthouse information can be seen here,

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