The university’s physical library spaces closed as of last Wednesday and we are now working from home, not as easy as I hoped. I assumed I would be able to make do with my laptop but I have discovered it struggles with all the apps I have open at any one time. What I can have working one minute may drop out the next. A combination of issues but the processing power of the laptop and bandwidth are I suspect the biggest issues. After being able to work with large dual screens, being reduced to my small laptop is also proving a challenge, so I have improvised and connected an old tv screen via a spare hdmi cable but everything feels cramped, clumsy and slow. Finding it frustrating that due to compatibility issues I need to have four different browsers open in order to work effectively, some databases do not work properly with some browsers and some of my work apps do not work with well with others, frustration! At least I finally have a workable set up. The other thing I discovered is that I really don’t enjoy having work intrude into my private space, that demarcation between work and home seems to matter to a surprising degree.

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On the positive side, I am saving money on coffee and I have the benefit of constant access to my resident furry stress therapists. So how is everyone else coping with the new normal?

I definitely do not enjoy this being stuck inside routine.

7 thoughts on “My library lock-down journal continues…

  1. Getting outside in the sunshine and garden as often as possible! I’m lucky to live less than 400 metres from a rural beach area so fingers crossed we won’t be banned from going for a walk there. Glad I have a dog and cat, as well as husband and daughter at home too. Oh and plenty of wine stock helps too. 😁

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    1. I envy you the beach, we went for a decent bush walk today, I do really miss being able to go bush for the weekend, I added some gin to the wine last week, that might help the time pass and I figure it doesn’t hurt to sanitize from the inside out. Good luck Glenys may this time pass quickly.🌻

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  2. The stuck inside routine is rubbish, but it will pass. It’s great that you have the beach. Although we are alone up a mountain, we’re not allowed beyond the garden. At least we can get outside, though.
    I worked from home for many years and found that I just had to be disciplined. When I had a spare room to use as an office, I made sure to close the door firmly at 5pm every Friday and not open it again until Monday morning. Once we downsized, I just had to close the laptop!
    Keep smiling and enjoy your time with your fur family. We WILL get through this. xx


  3. Funny how the work from home dream turns out to be quite different in reality. I’ve studied from home for quite some time, but now I have Dan around 24/7 it’s a lot more challenging. Bec and I have had to arrange tag team studying so that one of us can listen to lectures while the other keeps an eye on Dan. With the closure of the USQ library I now have books on loan to July! Must make sure I don’t lose them. Oh, well it won’t be forever, even if it feels that way. Take care.

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    1. How does Dan go with things like lego? Bronte splurged and bought herself some lego to help the time pass, it was on special about a week ago, back when we were still getting to the shops, her dad also splurged and bought himself some lego for the same reason, sometimes think there are no real adults at my house. (Lego masters has a lot to answer for). Bronte used some of her last paycheck, it looks like it will be a while before she is able to work again but hopefully she will have a job at the end.
      I know what you mean about the books, I kind of wish I had thought to check out a few more titles. Good luck with the study and all the best to you, Bec and Dan.

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      1. You are never too old for lego – I have some too (Lord of the Rings, of course). Perhaps I’ll get it out over the break. Dan is really good at following the instructions but he likes to have me next to him, even though he is perfectly capable of doing it by himself. What kind of lego did Bronte get? Bec has Harry Potter and Star Wars lego and Dan has anything with wheels. I am just hoping that nobody else wanted the books I have out. Not every book is online. Can make it a little challenging for assignments. Take care.

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      2. Harry Potter, the whomping willow set, Gary bought himself something motorised, not sure what it is. Don’t worry about anyone else wanting the books we can always help them find some online resources.

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