A while back, in an effort to live a bit greener I went looking for our nearest supplier of bulk foods. I discovered we do have a Source Bulk foods in Toowoomba, bit surprised that I had not realized we had one sooner but then it is in a non-descript building near The Spotted Cow pub on Ruthven St.

Buying from Source is just one small change we have made that has had huge impact in terms of our plastic packaging waste. G expressed concern that it might prove more expensive than our traditional shopping but so far it has been surprisingly economical and I only buy what we actually need. I especially love that I can buy herbs and spices this way, which seems much more economical and frees me from plastic waste. I tend to be a big consumer of cardamon. I buy pods to add to my ground coffee. We lightly crush the pods and then just throw them in with the ground coffee beans, it makes THE best coffee. I will also be buying all our tea and coffee from the source from now on. The only negative is being able to buy confectionery this way, too tempting to get more than you should.

The Source have all the usual spices, nuts, dried fruits and pasta, rice, flour and chocolate. They also stock things like olive oil and other cooking oils. Many products are sourced entirely in Australia, so good for the carbon footprint and supporting local producers. I was really pleased to discover they also stock bulk detergents and soaps and you can fill your own containers of these as well. Bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars and other environmentally friendly items are also in the store. The Source has largely replaced my usual shop and virtually eliminated the use of plastic in our household in regards to groceries. This is such an easy change to make and it has been incredibly effective. It is such a pleasure to shop at Source. To be honest it is a little more expensive but the quality of the products is also superior. I urge everyone to check out the Source.

As pasta and flour disappeared from supermarket shelves I was pretty confident in my supply since we have been buying these kinds of products from Source. They still have flour and pasta a plenty, forgot to check on rice but I am pretty sure if you need stuff they will have it.

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