Red-brown finches

A quick post to get back into a normal swing of things, achieving a bit more this week I hope.

So with the slight relaxing in the rules around movement, we managed to fit in a bit of a bush walk this weekend, nothing too exciting, just a quick trip out to the Munro Tramway walk, it is within the 50 km range we are restricted to. So lovely to be able to get out a bit and experience fresh air, space and bush. I so love open spaces and bush land. Access to the countryside, is a privilege I will never take for granted.

Our last walk out at the tramway we encountered lots of butterflies but this time it was only wrens and red-brown finches. Lovely little birds. Oh and other humans, there were a couple of other groups walking the path, the busiest I have seen this walk, which is normally so quiet. I think we are all enjoying the new freedom to get outside, at least a little bit. Not that we have been entirely isolated indoors, we have had the luxury of going for daily walks in the local parks and with Ada those walks have been essential.

We have had a stir crazy hound in the house for the last week or so. We are missing those opportunities to wear her out at the dog park with other like minded hounds who need to run. I am hoping the closure of the off leash dog parks might be overturned sooner rather than later, it would certainly make exercising our bundle of pure energy a whole lot easier, if she could run around with other dogs. Afraid the council thought we weren’t social distancing enough at the dog parks, which is why they were closed. They do tend to be very social spaces for owners as well as the dogs, although I did think we were all doing the right thing and giving each other lots of space, not enough I guess. Still can’t complain, we have been so lucky to so far have escaped the worst the virus can do and it is such a relief to have some lightening of restrictions. Things could have been so much worse. For now enjoying small moments of freedom and small gifts, like the flock of red-brown finches on the walk and a tired and happy hound.

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3 thoughts on “A brief escape to the country

  1. One of the things I have most enjoyed about lockdown has been the gifts sent by Mother Nature. I have certainly had time to notice and appreciate them more!
    And we were unleashed from our Itlian house-arrest yesterday and are allowed to walk in our beautiful, mountain wilderness at last.
    We too are overjoyed to have four very tired puppies!

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    1. The pups must be excited to be at last experiencing some freedom again. There is nothing worse than cooped up pups with energy to burn.

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      1. Tell me about it! I feel like a coiled spring… They are loving it, though. The great thing about dogs is that they love whatever you do, but now that we can get out and about to different places, it is much more interesting for them.

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