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Just thought I would share some of Bronte’s wonderful photos via Instagram, we walk the same streets but she has a way of making me see my most immediate world afresh. Check out her Insta, it is worth a look; https://www.instagram.com/rosalind_bella2/ I am envious of her ability to capture moments and places. These are not the obvious images we see of our town but they capture something of Toowoomba that is easily overlooked. All the images below were taken in the centre of Toowoomba

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#photogram #toowoomba #lensculture

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#photography #lensculture #photogram #streetphotography

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#lensculture #photooftheday #photography #photogram

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I am trying to be disciplined and post more regularly, couldn’t resist sharing these images. Do you have an image of your town that is a bit different? I would love to see, so feel free to leave a link in the comments to any image on Insta or other platform if you would like to share.

5 thoughts on “This old town

  1. I love getting inspired by other photographers. I follow a lot in SA that push me into trying new things. Toowoomba was the first place I found street art and that has sent me on a path to searching for it everywhere now.

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    1. Glenys your photos have made me appreciate what a great place SA is including all of the art that is there, can’t wait until we have enough time to make a big trip and spend some serious time there., you should be on the state tourism payroll I am sure others are following your Instagram and blog with the same reaction I have; must go see for myself when I can.

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      1. Totally agree, Sharon. I’ve been so delighted to discover Glenys’ blog, thanks to you. She does do a fantastic job promoting SA. I have especially enjoyed her posts about places that were part of my childhood, such as Victor Harbor and Milang. And yes, you should definitely put SA on the bucket list, although I may be biased here.

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