“If we are to attempt to understand Indigenous philosophy it has to begin with the profound obligation to land.”
― Bruce Pascoe, Dark Emu

#BookSnapSunday is a weekly bookish Instagram meme hosted here at Gum trees and Galaxies.com, if you would like to join in please feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below. All you have to do is post an image of a book. Happy reading!

This week I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight the revolutionary, re-evaluation of Australian Aboriginal relationship to land and farming in Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu. This is a remarkable book, not just for the history it is highlighting and correcting but it is also significant for the potential contribution it can make in re-examining current farming practices and land management. Really this is essential reading for any well informed Australian, it is a book that has stimulated debate and increased awareness, it has also inspired some ferocious attacks. Pascoe challenges conventional beliefs that conservative elements of society have sought to defend. Read the book and make up your own mind.

It seemed appropriate to take this week’s book snap in USQ’s own Gumbi Gumbi Gardens, gardens that celebrate indigenous knowledge and culture, you can download a tour app to your phone to fully experience the gardens and the link above takes you to the information page and links to the app.

My university library has both ebook and physical editions of Dark Emu and recently Pascoe’s revised version for young readers: Young Dark Emu has been added to our education curriculum collection. Public libraries also generally hold multiple copies of both Dark Emu and Young Dark Emu.

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