Just thought I would share a favourite Doctor Who quote, it seems appropriate to the situation. If it was not for these dark times we would never really appreciate the good times. Maybe now is a good time to stay in and binge watch Doctor Who, (like I ever need an excuse).

We seem to be going a bit backwards at the moment with infection rates not declining in Victoria and now the Queensland border is closed again. I am grateful the border is closed but I will miss that bit of extra freedom. I feel for the Victorians back in lock down. It is not easy and it must be so demoralising to come out of lock down only to go back into it. I feel for the businesses who will struggle to come out the other side. I imagine the mental health impact of this virus is going to be just as significant as the immediate impact of the virus itself. I am grateful for all those people doing the right thing and trying to curb the virus, it is not easy being so restricted. I am grateful the QLD government has taken a fairly hard line on the issue, they will save lives by doing so.

I am grateful we can at least go camping locally. And I have to say the pandemic has helped me appreciate the little things. My appreciation for our little escapes has grown, I will never take that freedom for granted.

Just want to express gratitude for all those people who are staying home no matter how hard that is to do. And to wish everyone a safe time over the coming days.

I guess this is a good time to think about how we can find the positive in recent events, or how we can make the world a better place. This is a time for learning to see the stars in the dark.

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