image Bryony Kennedy
are the students getting hopping mad?

Just thought I would share an image of the crowd that greeted a colleague when she arrived at work to open the campus library this morning, (thank you Bryony for sharing). The above photo was taken at our Ipswich campus. USQ has three main campus sites, the original here in Toowoomba and then down the range at Ipswich and another at Springfield.

This is the mob waiting for the library to open this morning, so the question is; were they hopping mad or just going ahead in leaps and bounds? Or are they hopping to it.

I guess they at least have a safe place to carry their library books.

7 thoughts on “The mob waiting for the library to open.

    1. Another bonus of the pandemic I guess, with campus being quiet, lectures online now, the space invites occupation by the locals. It has been a bit of chilly morning this morning and the roos might have been seeking shelter from the wind, still lovely to see them on campus.


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