I have to confess I really love a good cafe and the thing I missed most in lockdown was the ability to go out and sit in a cafe with a good coffee. Ideally, I love to be able to walk to a great cafe and if they are dog friendly that is even better. Cafes help build a community, they really are a “third place” that is so important in creating a sense of communal cohesion. While my suburb is not without a few cafes, we have lacked something that seemed a bit special, not anymore. We now have De Dutch cafe.

A little bit of the Netherlands in Toowoomba, even better in Newtown. Toowoomba does have a number of fantastic cafes but it is a real luxury to have this one so close to home. Even if they were not in my immediate neighborhood I would make the effort to visit, afraid I am a bit addicted to pancakes but these guys have other awesome treats on offer as well, like traditional strudels, cakes and some traditional Dutch savory dishes. Pretty sure I will eventually work my way through the menu but I can highly recommend the traditional pancakes to start with!

The interior of the cafe is lovely but the outdoor area with the iconic windmill is a delightful place to stop for breakfast or just a coffee with the dogs. I am always appreciative of any business that welcomes my hound. (Part of the reason I do try to take Ada out to places is that in future I hope to use her as a therapy dog and hopefully with organisations like story dogs, I am a big believer in dogs in libraries but that is another post). Toowoomba does have some great dog friendly venues and this is one of them.

The cafe may be a little out of the way but I think the location adds to the charm, just as the cafe itself is adding to the character of Newtown. The cafe is situated in a pretty iconic position, right next door to Smithy’s gym and just over the road from the iconic Newtown Hotel. If you are a Toowoomba local seek this cafe out and if you are passing through, this cafe is worth a stop, the food, the coffee and the service and atmosphere are fantastic. You can’t miss the patriotic Dutch orange exterior and the iconic windmill. Afraid we have not taken many photos but check out their facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/DeDutchcafe/.

3 thoughts on “A little bit of the Netherlands in Toowoomba

    1. Sorry, it has taken me so long to reply been a bit missing in action over the last week. So some of the dishes, the ones I can remember; Broodje kroket, Stamppot, Dutch hot pot, strudeles.


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