It is almost carnival of flowers time here in Toowoomba and spring is definitely in the air the gardens are looking magnificent! I seem to be on a bit of a botany bent at the moment with reading Richard Mabey’s The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the imagination. I would love to go visit a nursery and grab some seedlings to brighten up our own garden at the moment but I am a little reluctant due to the wild things that tear around our yard leaving chaos in their wake. I have had several pots broken in recent weeks and plants crushed due to the efforts of our canine juvenile delinquents. They are slowly becoming more grown-up and sensible although I wonder if Ada will ever stop throwing herself into life with such abandon, sometimes at the expense of plants and pots.

The parks are already full of crowds of people and the carnival only officially starts next weekend! If you are in Queensland it is well worth making the trip to Toowoomba for the carnival the garens really are magnificent at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung for #BookSnapSunday

  1. Ah yes, the gardens are always magnificent at this time of year and inspire me to get out and plant some flowers. Love the book cover – very eye catching. It’s interesting how plants and nature foster creativity. I’ve recently read Time Without Clocks by Joan Lindsay and she describes how cut flowers have a mind of their own, especially when her husband, Daryl Lindsay, was trying to paint them. Definitely looking forward to the Carnival, although it will be a different kind of one for these times.

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