It is a sad statement on South East Queensland weather that a wet day is something to record. We do have short storms, many of them heavy, but it is rare for the rain to hang around for a few days. This was a good day to take some rare photos.

Some may recognise this a the Botanic Gardens that two months ago was filled with blooming gardens. Most of the beds have been emptied with only a few flowers remaining.

It is fun to walk in the rain but S takes it a little far by not using any rain protection and gets soaked. The phrase “drowned rat” is apt. The dogs were rapt walking in the rain which was a surprise as Ada usually is a princess and will not walk on wet pavement nor wet grass.

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Someone did not enjoy their trip to the markets.

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5 thoughts on “A wet day in spring

    1. The hail was terrible down the range I heard from people in Ipswich and Springfield that they got hit pretty hard. So far we have been really lucky just getting much-needed rain.

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