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I have been thinking about giving the subscription box idea a go. This is a bit of an experiment and may be a bit of a disaster but nothing ventured nothing gained. I am really excited about all the cool things people are doing to create, great, sustainable, products that serve our environment and communities rather than exploit them. I thought it would be cool to start a box based on supporting those businesses and celebrating great books. I want to add to the conversation about where we are going as a society, supporting each other and sharing ideas to simply make our world a better place. This might all be terribly naive even silly but I am never one to say no to an adventure and I am too old to care about looking silly. I am kind of inspired by things  like the  Uniquely Bookish Box and Robin & Rose so have decided to give it a go and see what happens. Another adventure if nothing else.

So the Gum trees and Galaxies box might be a bit different to those in the mainstream:

  • Firstly you can order the box as a one off gift or subscribe to all four for the year if you so choose.
  • The box is about supporting local, sustainable and eco responsible businesses.
  • The box is about raising awareness and each box will involve a donation to an environmental or social welfare charity.
  • Each box will contain a thoughtfully selected book, new release or recent release book. (Nothing to heavy, mostly good fiction or the occasional exceptional non fiction book).
  • The box is about building a community.
  • Towards the above goal we will set up an online discussion group, a sort of online book group to discuss the book and issues. To share ideas and to suggest a charity for each seasonal quarter.
  • There will only be four boxes each year. With the exception of the very first box which will be launched on Monday the 30th of November each box will be launched on the first day of the changing season. So at the start of autumn, 1st of March 2021 the autumn box will be launched to be followed by the winter box on the 1st June.

So at this stage I am trialling the idea and intend to get the first trial box launched by Monday the 30th of November at the latest, just in time for Christmas.. This trail box while being a bit late for the start of summer will nevertheless be themed as the summer 2020 box. It will contain a new release novel, a small selection of local sustainable products, a bookmark and a zine.

I will only promote the box on a very limited number of channels to start, as this is really just a trial. I will also only be offering a very limited number of the boxes so if you are interested maybe let me know pretty quickly once I have finally put it together and announce the availability. In keeping with sustainability and to keep things simple the box can only be delivered to addresses within Australia. So watch this space; the Gum trees and Galaxies book box is coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Coming soon

  1. Great work Sharon. Love your enthusiasm for a challenge. I’ll be watching for the first announcement. Any idea about an approximate cost? I saw one advertised the other day from a bookshop in Vic, but it was rather pricey. It did include wine though. 😀

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