It has been a busy month. G and I both rashly decided to start projects at the start of November that really required a much earlier start but it was nice to be intensely busy with projects for those few weeks. G decided to play around with some integrated lights and music displays, general advice is you start planning early in the year for a Christmas show but it has been amazing what he has accomplished in one short month. Our front fence is now the site of an integrated lights and music Christmas extravaganza all being run via a Raspberry pi. Pi’s are the best, if you have never played with one and are technically inclined or have technically inclined kids I can think of nothing better, the most amazing, versatile, little computer you will ever encounter, you can check out Raspberry pi here.

I have had a bit of a fascination with subscription book boxes and have rashly decided to give running a box a go. That has been a learning experience. Firstly I have learnt I need to get more comfortable with social media. With the exception of Instagram, I am the most anti-social person on the planet. I have a Facebook account but I almost never access it, well that has to change!

For a start I have discovered I need to connect more, advertise more and generally not be afraid of promotion. I have also decided to use Facebook to set up the communal book group, so look out for the Gum trees and galaxies book group online. Afraid with the exception of the blog I have always preferred to hide online, lurking in the shadows, as an introvert social media can be a challenge.

So how has the box gone? Well I started small with a small number of boxes and I have sold %70 but I still have a couple left if anyone is interested, (just go to the book box page ). Feedback has been very positive. So I have begun to plan the next box, which will be the Autumn 2021 box. I am excited about the products and businesses that will be included with that one. The Zine will be greatly improved, more substance and more contributors, better design. I am learning lots as I go and having fun. (Some might conclude I have a weird sense of fun). I scored an unwanted laser printer which has come in handy and I have been using free Canva as the design platform. It really makes design easy, even I can produce something that looks good.

The book in the first book box is Richard Flanagan’s new novel The living sea of waking dreams. The gorgeous hardcover edition with the beautiful green feather design on the boards. A provocative read, informed by the horror summer of 2019/2020, it should stimulate interesting conversation. And you get some great local sustainable products.

Hoping to get back to camping around March next year, until then I am saving my leave for when I can spend some serious time getting away. Summer is just to hot for doing to much, anything over 35 degrees Celsius and I just go into hibernation with a few good books.

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