Thank you to Jackie at the the awesome World Wide Walkies blog, one of my favourite travel blogs, for nominating me to participate in the Travel picture challenge. World Wide Walkies is a blogging gem, especially if your aspire to the nomad lifestyle with canine companions. Jackie has also published some wonderful travel memoirs, I absolutely loved Dogs and Dracula: A road trip through Romania.

The challenge is about visual images so we need to post a favourite travel picture for 10 days without explanation and nominate someone else to participate. Like Jackie I think I am more about words than visuals so this really is a challenge. Some of these images I will just pull from my instagram history so they may not always been perfect travel photos.

I will just say that I will try and chose images of things or places that really captured my imagination and inspired me, like the one above.

If I nominate you and you don’t want to participate, please do not feel obliged, but if you do, please link back to me so that I can see your post, in these curtailed times vicarious travel is a lovely escape, I would love to see what you choose to post.

So first nominee is; Glenys at Caravan Correspondent a fantastic Australian travel blog focusing on caravan adventures, like Jackie, Glenys is an inspiration and as someone who also follows Glenys’ instagram I know she takes some amazing pictures.

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