I started the Gaia/nature reading challenge in a fairly informal and off hand way in 2020 but for 2021 I thought I would be a bit more organised and focused, making the reading challenge a core regular component of Gum trees and Galaxies. Setting up a post each month where anyone who wants to participate in the Gaia/nature challenge can leave a link to their review. Each month I will also add titles and links to reviews on the master page for nature environment themed reading. If you are looking for ideas you can always start at the list. It is a growing work in progress and I will attempt to keep it updated.

If you would like to share your planned participation please leave a link to your post here in the comments you can post the challenge on your blog if you blog. If you would like to use the challenge button this code should work or you can just install the image and link back to Gum trees and Galaxies:

You can also participate via goodreads, instagram or whatever you preferred social media platform, just drop by and leave a comment with a link so fellow participants can find you.

This is a pretty informal challenge but just for fun I have created a short six square book bingo you can download as a pdf. Really to participate you only have to read one nature themed book in the year but ideally you can extend yourself a bit and read some more, the bingo is just a bit of a fun guide. Knowing me I will probably read a lot more than six nature themed books in the year.

Any nature themed books read from the 1st of January to the 31st of December count for the challenge. You don’t have to post a list of planned reads up front but by all means do so if you like. Happy reading and bring on 2021!

15 thoughts on “2021 Gaia/Nature Reading challenge

  1. Love the bingo card – very cute. I have a couple of Gaia reads from 2020 I have yet to post – didn’t quite keep up with writing reviews. Next year, apart from Gaia and setting a Goodreads target, I am taking a break from reading challenges. After 2020, I feel like I just want to read what I feel like reading, rather than trying to complete a category or a box. Great to see you taking the Gaia challenge to another level. Well done!

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    1. Thank you and yes sometimes you just want to be able to pick up what you want to read without feeling you need to meet criteria. Happy new year!

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