Helping the environment, fighting climate change, supporting your local community and eating green and healthy can be as simple as shopping at your local farmer’s market and Toowoomba benefits from an excellent farmers market where you can source local produce, speak to the grower/farmer/producer and support local, ethical businesses.

The Toowoomba Farmer’s market which operates every Saturday morning also benefits from a great location, right next to the Cobb and Co Museum and under the iconic Cobb and Co windmills. If you mention the windmill market everyone knows what you are referring too.

Across the road from the markets you also have the historic Queens park gardens, a lovely place to take your coffee after a wander through the markets. You can also pick up a quick breakfast with both vegetarian and meat options on offer, pretty much something for everyone. The markets also provides some limited seating and live entertainment but the shade of Queens park is the best option in Summer.

Fresh donuts and coffee for morning tea after the markets

Wandering the market gives you the opportunity to select produce for yourself and it is simply an enjoyable Saturday morning walk. As part of our efforts to socialise our dogs we use the markets as a means of getting both dogs used to people and different situations. Unfortunately both Ada and Cassie conveniently have noses located at table height so Ada especially needs to be firmly reminded to keep her nose to herself and not be rude. The markets are dog friendly and well behaved and controlled dogs are welcome. There are a number of stalls that cater to canine needs including Charlie and Mia’s Barkery, a great source of quality, natural dog treats.

If you want a more relaxed experience you can place your order for everything online in the days before the market and simply drive in and pick up your complete order on the day, you can place your orders via the website here:

The markets are a great place to source organic and free range produce. By buying here you are reducing the carbon and waste footprint of the food you consume. In most cases you are also getting fresher produce than if you went to the your local supermarket. You can source locally grown and ethically produced meats, dairy products, eggs, fruit and vegetables and things like honey from local beekeepers, a far superior and usually cheaper product than you will find in the supermarket. Olive oils, fresh pasta, bakery items and jams and relishes are also on offer, as are locally crafted soaps, candles and eco items like wraps.

Or you can buy seedlings and plants for your own home garden.

One of the best producers at the market, one of my favourite local discoveries is Native Oz Bushfoods. When drought challenged their traditional grazing and dry farming enterprise Doug and Tracey made a shift to producing traditional “bushtukka” food products creating a range of sensational sauces, jams, gourmet salt blends and native spices. Their innovative, culturally and environmentally sensitive response to drought is a stellar example of how Australia should be farmed. They also simply produce a bloody good product. Their Bush blend salt is now one of our home and escape pod kitchen essentials. I am still working my way through their product catalogue but so far I recommend the salt blend and the Davidson plum, chilli and native lime sauce. Both the chilli sauce and the salt blend are versatile products that make great additions to home blended salad dressings in addition to their use as seasonings in there own right.

Afraid Native Oz Bushfoods were not at the market this morning so I am being a bit naughty and copying an image of their stall from Facebook A trip to the market is worth it to pick up some of their produce but you can also order directly online from their website.

For anyone interested in our quarterly book box I can announce that a product from Native Oz Bushfoods will be included in the next box. The autumn box, will go live on our book box page soon.

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If you are travelling through Toowoomba the market is worth a visit to stock up on travel essentials and it is between two local landmarks and attractions; Cobb and Co museum and Queens Park. Do you have a farmers market in your area? What do you think of buying from it? Is it a better experience than buying from the supermarket?

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